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Our Association
was founded in 1992

It was shortly after Halloween that year when an active group of Spartians began to wonder what could be done in the village to pass the time pleasantly and creatively.
Ms. Mary Garbi put on the table the Idea of founding the Cultural Association.

So on
19th of February 1992

the statute was signed for the
"Excursion and Cultural Association of Spartia the Sparto"
with headquarters in Spartia, whose members are those who originate, live or stay in Spartia and have reached the age of 18.

From the foundation of the Association in 1992 until March 2011, the President of the Association was the Director of the Valliani High School Kerameion, Mr. Panagis Dilalos, with his right hand his wife also Director of the Valliani High School of Keramion Ms. Vasiliki Makrydima.

With patience and perseverance they achieved the goals of the Association as stated in the statute and made the Sparto Association known not only in Kefalonia but also far beyond.

From in March 2011 and until today the President of the Association is elected Ms. Evangelia Pavlatou who, together with the Board of Directors, aim for the continuous development and well-being of our village and its residents.

The current Board that emerged after the elections in March 2022 is:
  • President Evangelia Pavlatou
  • Vice President Michael Mafredas
  • Secretary Anna Metaxa Stravolaimou
  • Treasurer Aikaterini Tzakis
  • Members Diachenda Kounadis
  • Urania Pouliou.
Σύλλογος Το Σπάρτο

The Association owes its name toSpartian painter Ilias Laskaris who was inspired by the numerous Spartians that exist in Spartia, as well as by the name of the village.

The main objectives of its establishment, as stated in the statute, are:


Raising the cultural level of the Spartians

with the development, dissemination and application in the lifestyle of modern cultural perception. The development of feelings, polite rivalry, philanthropy and selfless contribution to society based on love for fellow human beings and respect for the personality of the individual.

The study promotes and solves the local problems of Sparta.

The entertainment of its members and the cultivation of the spirit of nature worship in the context of the protection of the natural environment, contact and acquaintance with nature and the assistance of every effort to develop sports.

The effort of the Board of Directors is to hold several events for the purpose of training on various topics, entertainment and, above all, communication between us.


In 1995 the Association established a Blood Bank by the villagers for the villagers.

On April 9, 1995, at the offices of the Sparto Association, the first voluntary blood collection for the establishment of the Blood Bank took place.



In 1998 the club created the dance group "Sparto"

contributing to the preservation of the customs of the Kefalonian culture and identity


In 2014, after the efforts of the president, Evangelia Pavlatos, the association publishes a book with satires of our village,

some of them are old and some are more recent, a fact that proves that we keep intact the Kefalonian-Spartan spirit over the years under the title "Satires from our place"


Events of the Association

At the beginning of each year, the club cuts a king cake
and awards the graduating students successful in college as long as they come from or live in Spartia.


of the Association

With our Spartan symbol
And good feelings
Became our club
A wonderful company.

Sparto this humble
Flower of our plain
We took for symbol
And we made a song.

Our plains - our hills
Are yellow
From the spartians every spring
And smelling of musk.

And we with many dreams. 
We have begun
Our Association to be heard of
And live long

Like a sparto spreading its fragrance
Adorning our village, our island
From nice events, good deeds,

Meetings, excursions and entertainment.

Don't let our Association die out
As long as we live, we fight, winning
Like Sparta on the plains in the wild
And proudly the road to stare into.

The poem was written by Aikaterini Moraitis, one of the founding members of our Association.

Our Village:Community of Spartia

It is a coastal, traditional village in the area of Livathous, located in the south-eastern part of the island above the beach "Kleimatsias" and is 12 km. from Argostoli, the capital of the island.
It is built on a "plain" hill with a slightly amphitheater facade to the South-East. The whole surrounding area up to the sea could be delimited from the position of KLIMATSIAS - S.E - to the position of NIPSIAS/RACHES TOU BOURA - N.N.W - it is a continuous alternation of hills and small or larger valleys or ridges.

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Σύλλογος Το Σπάρτο

Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Σπαρτιών - Το Σπάρτο